Technology has changed both education and the workforce in immeasurable ways over the last decade. My evolving career and continuing education have been inspired by these changes, to the point that one could say that I am the “poster child” for technology. My education and career experience truly have equipped me well for the future of both the classroom and the workplace. 

My name is Daniel Kilback and I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. I graduated in 1996 from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Education (K-12) degree focused in History and English. Although I struggled to maintain motivation in a traditional classroom setting, I was passionate about education, and the first ten years of my career provided me with valuable classroom experience in a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. I enjoyed teaching, but again, the standard classroom left me feeling somewhat uninspired. In the fall of 2006 I moved to Kuwait and was fortunate to have the opportunity to transition from the humanities into technology. As technology was a quickly evolving field at the time, my lack of “official” technology credentials wasn’t an obstacle. I was a quick study and an avid self-educator, and I quickly fell in love with the content and process of teaching technology. 

The last nine years have been an exploration in career reinvention, as I have taken advantage of on-the-job training and self-education, thereby gaining a wide variety of experience in technology, administration, and communication. I have taught Graphic Design, Journalism and Publication, Web 2.0, and AP Computer Science, eventually advancing to the position of Director of Technology where I balanced administration and instruction for five years. This position allowed me to work with administrators, teachers, and other faculty to continue to move our school’s educational approaches into the 21st century, as well as to hone my interpersonal and management skills. The latter qualifications led me to an interim post as the high school assistant principal. I enjoyed working with teachers and students more closely again, but my passion remained with technology, so I built upon this enthusiasm by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Technology Integration.

Upon earning my Master’s Degree, I served in the post of Director of Communication and Innovation, using my more advanced skills to develop a five year strategic plan for technology, organizing the celebrations for the school’s 50th anniversary, creating and maintaining school publications, and identifying and tackling some of the larger systemic issues faced by our school. I appreciate all I have learned and the ways I have grown through my education and career, especially in Kuwait. I have witnessed how technology can engage students in a multitude of ways and make learning real and accessible for those who, like me, find it hard to be inspired by the classroom of yesterday. Technology has helped me find my passion as an educator and provided an avenue for me to instruct, innovate, and inspire. 

In the fall of 2015 I transitioned from Kuwait to Seoul, South Korea and took the post of Director of Technology at Korea International School.

I am married to Erin, a native New Yorker and fellow teacher, and we have an infant son, Theo, born in April 2014.